VP Othman takes aim at dishonest leaders, executives

ZANZIBAR First Vice-President Othman Masoud Othman has said that inefficiency and corruption reported in public offices are directly linked to immoral and unethical behaviors among some executives in the government.

“Trust to the government offices has been diminishing just because of some greed and dishonest workers and leaders holding positions in the government,” Mr Othman decried.

He raised the concern in Wete, Pemba after hosting Ramadan Iftar for a mixed population including people with disability, poor people, executives from local councils and parastatals, saying that people are being disappointed by the leaders expected to serve them diligently.

Othman argued that abuse of power and indiscipline in use of public properties/funds remain endless because some people holding positions have no fear of God as directed in religious teachings.

“We need responsible leaders and executives in the government, so that people can be well served, while protecting public properties and funds from theft,” said the First Vice-President, who is also the national Vice-Chairperson of the ACT-Wazalendo political party.

He said that all services in the government are people’s rights, which they have to enjoy the rights without favor and bribe, and that charging people for services they are entitled to get freely or with some charges set by the government, is unacceptable.

The First Vice-President appealed to leaders and executives at all levels to observe ethics, practice honesty, and be guided by religion so that people are better served in the country, free of corruption.

District Commissioner (DC) for Wete district Dr Hamad Omar Bakar thanked the First Vice-President for the speech that directs executives to exercise accountability and also reminds people about observing religious teachings.

“We also thank you for your regular practice of visiting the ailing elders at home to comfort them,” the DC said.  Mr Othman inherited the practice of visiting the sick elders from the late Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad who was the First Vice President under the Government of National Unity (GNU).

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