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About Daily News

Daily News is the leading national English newspaper presenting details, perspectives, and insights to help readers better understand the United Republic of Tanzania based on the culture of editorial excellence. Daily News has been published daily since its first edition of January 1930 as “Tanganyika Standard” or simply “The Standard”.

The Standard was owned by the Tanganyikan East African Standard Limited. In 1967, it was taken over by a multinational London-Rhodesian Company (LONRHO). After Independence, in 1961 and subsequently the Union in 1964, the newspaper changed to only “The Standard.” The Republic nationalized the newspaper on February 5, 1970 making two English government newspapers, “The Nationalist” and “The Standard.”

Tanganyika African National Union (TANU), the then ruling party decided to merge both The Nationalist and The Standard on January 16th, 1972 adopting a new name “Daily News.” Daily News was first published on April 26, 1972, the same year it changed the company’s name from Tanganyika East Africa Standard Limited to Tanzania Standard (Newspapers) Limited.

In 2009 Daily News became the first news organization in Tanzania to launch a website. The website (www.dailynews-tsn.co.tz) went through a series of renovations and on December 30th, 2011 it was redesigned and re-launched to a new domain www.dailynews.co.tz. The last update for this website was in August, 2022.

Daily News has, therefore, been re-established out of the need for a truly and active press in the digital era. Through unmatched journalism, Daily News maintains and promotes the company’s core values of speed, technology, innovation, responsiveness and accountability.

Our aim, according to the First President, the Late Mwalimu Julius Nyerere is to supply readers with all domestic and world news as quickly and as fully as possible. Being run on the basis that a newspaper only keeps the trust of its readers and only deserves their trust, if it reports the truth to the best of its ability and without distortion whether that truth is pleasant or unpleasant.

Who Owns Daily News

Daily News is owned by the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania under the Tanzania Standard (Newspaper) Limited–a public liability company. Under the current structure, the company is run by a Managing Director appointed by the President of the United Republic of Tanzania. It also has a Board of Directors whose chairperson is appointed by the President and its members named by the Minister responsible for Information.

Leadership at the Daily News

The former Public Service Management Permanent Secretary, Hon. Hab Mkwizu is the current Board Chairman. Tuma Abdallah is the Managing Director you can also find and read more about the company management here (www.tsn.go.tz)

Transparency at the Daily News

Daily News receives partial financial support from the central Government and is currently soliciting members from the general public to support quality journalism through special membership. Other sources of revenues are commercial relationships notably advertising and sales of printed copies and digital subscriptions mostly e-papers.

Daily News remains strict to the code of editorial independence and it is committed to ideal journalism with regards to accountability and transparency.

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