RC Senyamule calls for solutions on water shortage

DODOMA Regional Commissioner Rosemary Senyamule has asked Water Minister Jumaa Aweso to prioritize putting measures for addressing water service challenges in the city as population was rapidly growing upon relocation of government’s institutions to the region.

The RC noted that population growth has led to inadequacy of water supply for domestic uses.

Speaking recently in Dodoma during the launch of the third phase of the water sector development program (WSDP III), Ms Senyamule hinted that the Dodoma Region still has water challenges in some areas.

She said so far water availability in Dodoma’s rural areas has reached 65.1 per cent while in urban 57 per cent.

RC Senyamule argued that Dodoma is now a pride of Tanzanians, and thus does not deserve experiencing water woes.

“I know that you (Minister) are capable of putting more weight especially through this newly launched program to push and improve water supply in the city because each day we receive new residents, a situation which requires more water supply,” she expressed.

Responding to the request, Minister Aweso who was the guest of honour at that launching ceremony noted that the improvement of water production in the city of Dodoma continues to improve despite the challenges of daily population growth caused by increased government‘s activities.

The Minister told the gathering that there were long-term and short-term plans to ensure that the capital city has enough clean and safe water for consumption.

“Water has no alternative. We have plans to provide enough water in Dodoma from Lake Victoria and also the construction of the Farkwa dam,” Mr Aweso said.

Minister Aweso hinted that the short-term solution to ensure that the city of Dodoma gets enough water was to tap water from the Mtera dam.

Mr Aweso further instructed Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Anthony Sanga to convene an emergency meeting with officials of the Ministry of Finance and Planning to plan for immediate strategies to implement the project of tapping water from the Mtera dam.

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