Tanesco moves to curb power cut in Songwe

DODOMA: IN a bid to curb power cuts and boost supply in Songwe Region, the government, through the Ministry of Energy, is constructing a switching station and strengthening the power line system in the region.

Deputy Minister for Energy, Ms. Judith Kapinga, told MPs yesterday that the government is aware of the challenges facing Songwe Region and that strategies are already in place to solve the problem.

She said there have been frequent power cuts in the region even after the Julius Nyerere Hydroelectric Power Project (JNHPP) turbine no. 9 was switched on.

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The deputy minister was responding to a question posed by Mbozi MP, George Mwenisongole (CCM), who wanted to know when the government will start the construction of the substation at Kakozi, Tunduma.

The MP said there have been power cuts in the area even after the ministry announced the end of the problem. He said the switching on of turbine no.9 at JNHPP has not helped many residents of Songwe and thus asked for answers from the authority on the causes of the endless problem.

In response, the deputy minister said the government, through the TAZA project being implemented by Tanesco, is in the initial stage of constructing the cooling station at Nkangala, Tunduma, which is 28km from Kakozi village in Mbozi District.

She said Tanesco has already signed a contract with the contractor and that the work will kick off soon.

The deputy minister assured MPs that the completion of the station will ensure a reliable supply of electricity in the area.

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