TZ umpire to officiate U19 World Qualifiers

TANZANIA’s Adil Kassam has been named among 11-panel of umpires to officiate the U19 World Cup qualifying event for Africa Region.

The tournament will be held in Dar es Salaam from July 23rd to 31st this year.

Therefore, Kassam will be among 11 umpires from seven African countries to officiate the tournament.

The national Under 19 team will be among those competing for qualifying slots.

Kassam joins Lauren Agenbag (South Africa), Sarah Dambanevana (Zimbabwe), Enesi Habib (Nigeria), David Odhiambo, Rocky D’Mello (Kenya), Claus Schumacher (Namibia), Makumbiu Patrick Musoke from Uganda and Owen Chirombe from Zimbabwe.

Kassam has just returned from attending the ICC Umpire Tutors course in Harare, Zimbabwe.

The course involved 19 other candidates from 15 countries.

Yesterday, he confirmed his selection to the ‘Daily News’ in Dar es Salaam.

He said he was notified through email from the International Cricket Council (ICC) of his appointment to officiate in the event.

Kassam holds an ICC level two umpire certificate, which he attained in May this year in South Africa.

“I am honoured to be included in the list with ICC elite umpires like Zimbabwean Langton Rusere—the first black African umpire to officiate a test match.

“I was honoured to meet him in Harare, where the World Cup Qualifiers are taking place.

“I came across Allahudin Palekar, a South African who officiated all three formats,” Kassam added.

Following his appointment, he received congrats from cricket legends, including Ex-Cricket Reunion Lead Group Administrator Kanti Rathod.

Rathod said Kassam’s achievement at the ICC as an umpire has delighted cricket family and his appointment has placed Tanzania on the cricket map.

Kassam also received a mention from Dinesh Vaishnav who noted: “We can see an up-swing in the development of the cricket we love.”

According to TCA, Kassam has been playing cricket for about 25 years, having also played for the national team in the early years after TCA the ICC membership in 2000.

Since then, Kassam has played a major role in local cricket and was recently elected to serve as the  head of the umpires in Tanzania.

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