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Stop spying on spouse’s phones – Zambian president

Zambia’s President Hakainde Hichilema has urged his countrymen to stop checking on the phones of their spouses. His comments were…

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Steps to correcting your controlling motherin-law without blowing up your marriage

Some of us are blessed with kind and caring mothers-in-laws who naturally have a healthy sense of boundaries. Then, the…

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These things are grounds for a friendship breakup

A friend breakup— it sounds so dramatic, doesn’t it? And it is. Breaking up with a friend isn’t always necessary.…

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Normalising conversations about money in your relationship

For many, in the early stages of dating, they’re just thinking about chemistry, the romantic element, the fun. But if…

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Benefits of a relationship hiatus

Oftentimes, when a couple decides to take a break, people see their decision as the beginning of the end. However,…

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Parenting mistakes that middle children deal with

Is middle-child syndrome a thing? It’s certainly something psychologists have spent decades researching. Studies have come up with some interesting…

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Situations your partner should never rush you into

One person’s love journey is going to have a completely different timeline than another’s. Nobody besides you knows what the…

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Protecting your marriage after a reconciliation

So you’ve decided to reconcile with your spouse following a separation or even a divorce filing. You are not the…

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Relationship habits that cost you

LEARNING how to balance your romantic relationship and your friendships is a very important skill, but one that very few…

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