Student designs child monitoring device

A STUDENT of the Mzumbe University has come up with a gadget that electronically traces a child in case of getting lost.

The gadget works by  kid wearing the small device either on the arm or neck and is linked to parents’ or guardians’ mobile phone via Bluetooth.

The third-year student, Ms Lisa Mutakywawa, told the ‘Daily News’ on Wednesday at the ongoing 47th Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair (DITF) that the system range is between 100 and 300 metres.

“The device dubbed, ‘My Child’ is not supported by GPS; it only works with the Bluetooth to enable every parent to afford having one,” Ms Mutakywawa said.

The entire device goes for 120,000/- and installation is easily.

“Once a kid is over the set range, an alarm and a text message go off to notify the parent that the child is walking off reaching point,” she said.

Ms Mutakywawa, pursuing the Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology with Business (ICTB), said the system does not use GPS that works with an internet making it unreachable for many in the rural areas while Bluetooth connects in every phones.

The device also gives direction of the child’s whereabout by pinging on the phone while signals become stronger toward the kid whereabout.

The device developer said the system works not only for tracing children but also for adults with less hearing, low vision and mental health challenges.

“I am still making some adjustments and I am open for further opinions on how to improve the device,” she said.

In May. she attended Makisatu exhibition at Dodoma and several people advised her to change the alerting system from only a text sms to also include a ringing alarm, which she did.

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