Samia puts leaders on notice

…Tasks them to solve citizens’ problems or else…

LINDI : PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan has ordered government leaders at all levels to listen and solve citizens’ problems in bringing development to the country.

“We have leaders from village, ward, district and regional levels but people bring their complaints to State House,” said Dr Samia, insisting that she will not tolerate leaders whose citizens bring their problems to the State House.

The Head of State made the statement on Sunday during her working visit across, Newala, Tandahimba and Masasi districts in Mtwara Region as well as Liwale District in Lindi Region.

She said that government has been making efforts to solve challenges facing the citizens and will continue to be with them side by side in bringing development to the country.

Dr Samia also warned leaders who use their positions to oppress farmers by deducting money illegally from the sale of their crops.

“I have information that in sale of crops, deductions are made to development funds that do not exist legally, they are not audited and their reports are not returned to the people,” Dr Samia said.

The president, therefore, directed Mtwara Regional Commissioner Colonel Ahmed Abbas Ahmed and Masasi District Commissioner to monitor Lulindi and Chikukwe wards as well as other areas where farmers are facing the problem.

“I’m not saying that we shouldn’t conduct fundraising for our development, but let us conduct them legally and the money spent should be audited and made transparent because it is the people’s money,” she noted.

Addressing citizens in Tandahimba District, President Samia directed the councillors to properly manage the council’s funds as well as development projects funds provided by the government, so that they serve the people.

In another development, President Samia said that the government is implementing development projects throughout the country in all sectors to improve the lives of Tanzanians.  She urged Tanzanians to support the authority’s efforts by working hard.

“In bringing development, we must work hard… farmers start now to expand your farms so that you can cultivate more, harvest more and sell more to get more money,” she added.

Speaking about challenges facing citizens in Mtwara Region, Dr Samia said that the government has planned to address water woes through tapping water from Ruvuma River and other small sources including Makonde and Newala to supply in various villages.

She said that the journey to eliminate power problem in Mtwara Region has begun saying that the contractor is at work to connect Masasi to the national grid.

President Samia added that the government continues to improve road infrastructures including Mtwara-Tandahimba-Masasi road, where currently 50 kilometres are completed and the construction of remaining 160-km will start soon.

“The government has already signed the contract for the construction of the Masasi-Nachingwea – Liwale road spanning 175-km. The government has also allocated 1.3bn/- to install street lights in Mangaka, Masasi and Nanyumbu towns,” Dr Samia said.

President Samia concluded her working visit of Mtwara Region yesterday, where she provided solutions to various challenges facing wananchi on the spot.

Among others, she held a meeting with the elders of Mtwara Region where they raised various concerns including the underutilisation of Mtwara Port.

President Samia also launched the southern region hospital which will provide services to the entire zone of the country and neighbouring countries including Comoros and Mozambique.

She also launched the Magamba water treatment plant, inspected the construction of Mtwara Airport and launched 50-km of Mtwara – Mnivata – Masasi road, and the improvement of Mtwara Port.

While in Newala, she received information on the construction of the Newala District Hospital, Makonde water project and the Newala council administration building.

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