RC directs PCCB to probe school construction

DODOMA Regional Commissioner Rosemary Senyamule has instructed the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) to investigate the construction of the modern Iwondo Secondary School in Mpwapwa District Council which is not complete even after the Government had given the money.

Through Tanzania Secondary Education Quality Improvement Project (SEQUIP), President Samia Suluhu Hassan endorsed 4.2bn/- for the construction of Modern schools in Dodoma Region whereby each council were given 600m/-.

Recently, when she visited the Mpwapwa council to inspect and review the progress of construction, Ms Senyamule instructed the anti-corruption body to investigate the use of 600m/- after she

found out that the council finished all the money while the construction was not completed.

She said the construction was targeted to be completed in June this year but until her official visit it had reached 70 per cent and the money had already been finished.

“We were given the money to construct six schools in Dodoma where by each school was given 600m/- in two phases, in other councils the construction has been completed and we expect to enroll students by January next year but in Mpwapwa district the school has not been completed yet and the money is finished. There must be a problem here,” said the RC.

In the long run she added that PCCB must investigate to find out if there was misappropriation of the fund because all Councils were given equal amounts and others had completed the construction except Mwapwa Council.

“I instruct you to investigate and bring the findings, we want to know where the money went, how was it spent and why the construction is not completed, let’s not frustrate the President because she is doing her best to bring development in all sectors including education sector,” said Ms Senyamule.

Ms Senyemule also instructed the District Council to find ways and strategies to complete the construction as early as possible to ensure that students are enrolled in school in January next year.

“I met all the Directors and each one set the goals on how and when they will finish the implementation of this construction project, but the side of Mpwawa they said they will finish on  December 15 this year but up to now there is no sign to finish the construction” she said.

“Before the beginning of the construction all the Council Directors were given letters telling them that the government has no plan to add any amount of money, so they have to plan on how they will utilize the given money and make sure so that it becomes enough,’ she added.

Initially, the Mpwapwa District Executive Director (DED) Mwanahamisi Ally said they received 600m/- for the construction of the school, but until now they have reached 70 percent of the construction while the money has been finished.

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