President Samia opens up on DP World deal

PROLONGED debate on who should operate the Dar es Salaam Port is delaying the country’s development as competitors are taking advantage to execute the ideas, President Samia Suluhu Hassan said on Friday at the State House.

The President warned that there is a serious consequence to the nation over wasted time in prolonged dialogues and arguments in such deals that are being scrambled by multiple countries.

Citing the ongoing DP World issue, the Head of State emphasized on the importance of taking opportunities seriously and working on them on time.

Emphasizing to the new leaders how to see and grab opportunities, the Head of State said it is necessary as a country to have the ability to recognize opportunities and ensure that they don’t slip away.

“Opportunities come but flee away really quickly. There are those who are saying that we have sold the port, if it is sold what are our neighbours doing there? While we are arguing over the matter here, our flag has been brought down from the [Burj Khalifa] building and another (didn’t mention the country) has been placed there,” she said.

She added that while we are still contemplating on how to operate the facility, the neighbouring country has gone further to allow the investor to run all its ports.

The President was forced to speak over the matter when she was emphasizing on instructions issued by Vice President Dr Philip Mpango to the newly appointed Executive Secretary of the National Planning Commission, Lawrence Mafuru.

Earlier, Dr Mpango directed the Commission’s boss to identify specific areas of development, challenges and opportunities.

The VP further directed Mr Mafuru to identify the country’s short term, medium- and long-term strategic direction as well as to lead the preparations for the anticipated new National Development Vision.

While discharging the tasks, VP advised him to collaborate with all ministries, private sectors, the ruling party [CCM], National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), the Bank of Tanzania and other sectors.

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