Parliamentary committee stresses role of OSHA in economic growth

PARLIAMENTARY Budget Committee has underscored the role of the Occupational Safety and Health Authority (OSHA) in boosting country’s economy, mainly through protecting the labour force and ensuring that the workplace are safe against risks of accidents and diseases.

The committee made statement on Tuesday after concluding its visit to industries in the regions of Arusha and Kilimanjaro. The visit was aimed at observing implementation of the laws and various guidelines on safety and health at workplaces.

The committee was accompanied by Deputy Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office (Labour, Youth, Employment & Persons with Disability), Mr Patrobas Katambi, and other OSHA’s health inspectors.

“OSHA is a key stakeholder in boosting economy in the country because they protect national workforce which is essential resource for investors. So, let me congratulate the OSHA for this great job you are doing. For us, the Parliamentary Committee will continue advising the government so that the OSHA could achieve its objectives,” committee’s chairman, Mr Daniel Sillo.

On his part, Deputy Minister Katambi called upon owners of workplaces in the country to ensure that they accord cooperation to the OSHA because the authority is there for protecting safety and health of workers.

“The national workforce, if not protected, the effects could be huge to the economy because we will not have experts, this is why the OSHA works day and night to ensure the workplaces are safe,”

“Let me call upon owners of all workplaces to consider the OSHA as friends when go to inspect their workplaces,” Mr Katambi stated.

On her part, OSHA’s Chief Executive Officer Khadija Mwenda said the authority has been receiving testimonials from owners of the workplaces who confessed that the OSHA’s inspections and advices have been helpful in increasing competitiveness in the products they produce.

‘The investors have been admitting that the inspections to safety and health at workplaces and professional advices have contributed to increased productivity,” Ms Mwenda stated.

Commenting, Managing Director of the Kilimanjaro Plantation Limited, Mr Calton Rabenold, thanked the government through the OSHA for continuing to improve systems for safety and health at workplaces in the country.

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