Ndumbaro calls for superior artistry in 2023

DAR ES SALAAM: A call has been made to the newly appointed Boards for the Copyright Office of Tanzania and the Tanzania Film Board to ensure the sustainable growth of the arts and culture sector.

The Minister for Culture, Arts, and Sports Damas Ndumbaro urged the newly appointed Boards to take a more proactive role in protecting artists’ rights and creating an enabling environment for artists to produce quality works.

Adding, he said such efforts would ensure the sector grows further than that of 2022.

According to the economic survey of 2022 report, the arts and entertainment sector witnessed a 19 per cent growth rate beating other sectors such as mining which grew by 10.9 percent; finance and insurance by 9.2 per cent; accommodation and food service by 9 per cent; and electricity supply by 7.6 per cent.

“It is a fast-growing sector in the country, we all saw last year’s report that the sector surpassed the others recording 19 per cent growth. It is possible to achieve more than what we achieved in the previous year.

“It only requires commitment and hard work. I, therefore, urge the newly appointed Boards and its authorities to take the initiative to ensure the sector’s growth skyrockets.”

Adding, he said it is essential to see the sector grow because it employs the most youth in the country. Therefore, strengthening the sector will answer the question of unemployment and contribute to national income.

Minister Ndumbaro also addressed the importance of ensuring the governing authorities protect artists’ works and help settle disputes among artists and stakeholders.

“There has been a lot of misunderstanding around the sector from its stakeholders including artists and mostly they are due to conflict of interest. It’s our responsibility to resolve them and protect artists’ rights and their works.”

Speaking with the ‘Daily News,’ the newly appointed COSOTA Board Chairperson Victor Tesha said he is privileged by his appointment. He also issued his commitment to his fellow Board members to work hard to see artists prosper.

He also urged artists to make good use of technology and digital platforms to brand their artistic works.

Tanzania Film Board Chairperson Mona Mwakalinga also spoke to the ‘Daily News, saying: “It’s such a huge trust being the TFB Board member and Chairperson. We have been trusted. Let us deliver. We ought to help our artists improve the quality of their products if we want to compete globally.”

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