Mwinyi, China VP chart ways to strengthen relations

ZANZIBAR President Hussein Mwinyi  and Vice-President of the People’s Republic of China, Mr Han Zheng, on Thursday discussed various matters aimed at strengthening bilateral relations of the two countries.

According to the press release from the Zanzibar State House, the two leaders were satisfied that the existing cooperation between China and the United republic of Tanzania continues to flourish, hence, called for further opening up of doors in trade and investments.

“Zanzibar people are happy with the relationship with Chinese people through their government which makes efforts in achieving its development goals,” Mwinyi said.

Dr Mwinyi noted that the meeting between President Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan and her China counterpart Xi Jinping, when the former visited the Asian country, further strengthened the relationship, adding that people in both countries are optimistic over a brighter future.

He further said: “Zanzibar’s main economic policy is the blue economy, we invite foreign investors to come and invest in tourism, marine transports, oil and gas explorations, among other areas.”

Equally, he informed his host that Zanzibar has planned to construct a multipurpose seaport at Mangapwani in north of Zanzibar, while also developing other ports along with promoting deep sea fishing to spur trade in the east African region.

In response, Mr Zheng assured Dr Mwinyi that his country is fully committed to continue supporting Zanzibar and Tanzania mainland to achieve their development goals, adding: “Currently we are encouraging Chinese tourists to visit Tanzania.”

In the course, he commended Dr Mwinyi for the great work he continues to do for Zanzibar people, noting that his country is happy with the development pace in the archipelago. Dr Mwinyi is accompanied by his wife Mama Mariam Mwinyi.

Dr Mwinyi’s delegation to China also included Ministers responsible for Trade: Ms Dr Ashatu Kijaji in the government of the United Republic of Tanzania, and Mr Omar Said Shaaban-in Zanzibar government and the Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation Ambassador Mbarouk Nassor Mbarouk.

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