MNH’s neurology and cardiovascular clinics relocated to Mloganzila

MUHIMBILI National Hospital (MNH) has relocated its two clinics to    its state of art Mloganzila hospital in order to increase efficiency and provide better services to the patients.

According to MNH Executive Director Professor Mohammed Janabi, the two clinics which have been moved to Mloganzila are for neurology and cardiovascular.

“The hospital has modern equipment and offer specialised services including surgery …medical personnel including specialists are also available to attend all  cases,” he said.

According to Prof. Janabi, outpatients seeking medical services at Mloganzila hospital were 11,182 in November up from 10,854 who reached the facility in September. The facility also attended 1,052 inpatients in November.

“I want to assure Tanzanians seeking medical and referral services are available at the hospital which is equipped with modern equipment, plus qualified and experienced health specialists” he insisted.

With increasing activities at Mloganzila, Prof. Janabi explained that they were planning to consult transporters, especially Dar Rapid Transit Agency (DART) to increase frequency for ferrying passengers to facilitate movement to and from the health facility.

Mloganzila area has the potential of becoming a scientific city, where other health facilities in the country plan to relocate to the place with 3,500 hectares of land set aside by the government to cater for medical facilities.

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