Mbowe hails Samia’s reconciliation efforts

CHAMA Cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo National Chairman Freeman Mbowe has commended President Samia Suluhu Hassan for allowing reconciliation talks under her administration.

According to him, President Samia has demonstrated to the public and to the international community that she can indeed bring harmony and build the national unity.

Mbowe made the remarks in Mwanza yesterday during a rally held at Furahisha grounds. The rally came hardly few weeks after President Samia lifted ban on political gatherings.

“I commend President Samia on how she demonstrated political maturity by allowing political reconciliation,” he said.

“Without mincing words, I stand in front of  Mwanza  community  and  the world in general  to express my gratitude  to President Samia  for  being tolerant in various meetings which aimed at encouraging  reconciliation  for the  national interests,” he said.

He said that everyone in the society has the responsibility of deliberating on better ways of building a happy nation where human rights and social welfare are respected.

Mbowe said that the country cannot develop if there are political divisions.

He further said that their slogan “No Hate No Fear” does not mean being afraid of carrying its responsibilities such as criticising the government with facts.

Mr Mbowe urged Chadema members to refrain from engaging in any kind of violence; instead they should become champions of peaceful political demonstrations for the betterment of the nation.

He said that Chadema will conduct peaceful rallies, with constructive criticism whenever necessary.

“When the other side do good things we should commend them,” he stressed, warning over hatred politics that might ruin the nation’s peace and unity.

He said that when he stands up to speak as Chadema leader he also represents views of other people who are not members of any political party and other Tanzanians.

Mbowe further commended the Police Force for ensuring safety during the rally.

Chadema Executive Secretary Mr John Mnyika said that it was high time members built their party through various initiatives while adhering to relevant values.

A member of Chadema National Council, Mr Joseph Mbilinyi, commented on the resumption of political public rallies that serve as a platform for the citizens to present their views on various issues in their communities.

Early this month, President Samia lifted a ban on political rallies which were suspended indefinitely by her predecessor, the late President John Magufuli.

Dr Samia told a meeting with representatives of political parties at the State House in Dar es Salaam that “the ban has now been officially lifted…. but this does not mean creating havoc and political chaos” in the country.

“Those with budget can move ahead with public meetings,” she said receiving cheers from invitees.

President Samia said political rallies are constitutional rights. She warned however that the government would not fold arms if the laws are infringed, calling all political parties to abide by the laws of the land.

“We want positive criticism. Criticism that will build the nation not personal attack,” she said, detailing that opposition parties should show the challenges for the government to act on. “If we are able to address those challenges then people will rally behind us.”


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