Govt wins accolades from clerics for efficiency in infrastructure  

MARA: THE sixth phase government has been hailed for its unprecedented work in implementing different infrastructure projects, specifically roads across the country.

The accolades were showered by the National Committee of Bishops and Sheikhs on Ethics, Peace and Human Rights, saying great strides have been registered under President Samia Suluhu Hassan in the sector, hence prospect for quick economic growth are great.

Issuing the statement on behalf of fellow bishops and sheikhs from Serengeti District of Mara Region on Wednesday, Chairman of the Committee Bishop William Mwamalanga noted that what President Samia has accomplished in the sector is great.

Equally, the committee noted that of late, the Minister for Works, Mr Innocent Bashungwa has issued important directives to officers under the ministry, such as Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS), saying if implementation is rightly executed, Tanzanians will achieve a lot.

“Efficiency of the sixth phase government under Dr Samia is exceptional; we are delighted by what is being done, with a special eye on the infrastructure sector. With such appointees (Mr Bashungwa and other appointees), there are going to be great achievements because transport and transportation will hugely change,” said Bishop Mwamalanga.

The cleric who is also the Head of Pentecostal Church, with his fellow members, joined villagers from Serengeti District to thank Minister Bashungwa and TANROADS leadership for overseeing well road contractors all over the country and eventually getting roads in the required international standards.

“It is the committee’s call to all ministers and deputy ministers to be close to the citizens, especially in villages, so as to ensure the president’s directives are timely and properly implemented.

“We religious leaders have made tour in different areas of the country to see implementation of works and also talk with the citizens. We are happy with what has been achieved,” he said.

Bishop Mwamalanga also said in their tour they were happy to see that citizens who moved from their land or part thereof, were properly compensated in Mara Region. He noted that by compensating them rightly, they will take part to safeguard the infrastructure.

Recently, Minister Bashungwa called upon TANROADS not to sign other contracts with contractors who do not reach 60 per cent of previous work, so as to ease the burden of work to one contractor.

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