Govt tells NEC staff to work diligently, avoid misconducts

DODOMA: THE Government has called on the National Electoral Commission (NEC) staff to work diligently and abstain from any behaviour that may compromise the commission’s ability to carry out its tasks, such as corruption, alcoholism and violation of public service code of ethics.

The statement was made by Deputy Minister for Policy, Parliament, and Coordination, Ms Ummy Nderiananga, while opening the commission’s workers’ council meeting held at the Njedengwa Uchaguzi House, Dodoma.

Moreover, Ms Nderiananga underscored the need for them to adhere to public service ethics as well as the rules and regulations when performing their daily duties.

“Adhere to the principles of public service and fulfill your oaths of confidentiality, particularly since you work in a sensitive and significant institution in our country,” she said.

She added, “remain cooperative; this will enable you to complete your responsibilities more speedily and collaboratively.”

She also advised them to refrain from using any inflammatory language that can cause a breach of peace while performing their duties in order to uphold the constitution, laws, rules and regulations.

Additionally, she instructed the staff to refrain from providing false information about NEC during general election.

Instead, they should ensure that the correct and intended information is communicated to both employees and the general public, while also inspiring staff to increase their commitment to keeping up with President Samia Suluhu Hassan’s pace.

She also congratulated them for successfully completing the seven-day trial of the Permanent National Voters’ Register (PVR) upgrading exercise that took place in Ng’ambo Ward, Tabora Municipal Council, Tabora Region, and Ikoma Ward, Rorya District Council, Mara Region, from November 24 to 30 this year.

Earlier, while welcoming the guest of honour, NEC’s Director of Election, Mr Ramadhani Kailima informed the Council that the PVR upgrading trial had been completed successfully.

Mr Kailima also praised President Samia for her continued efforts of building the capacity of the commission in terms of equipment and the advancement of technology.

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