Global interfaith coalition steps in climate change battle

AS part of efforts to support the government in fighting climate change, the global interfaith-based coalition ACT-alliance is implementing a youth based programme aimed at disseminating knowledge on environmental conservation for sustainable development.

Namely ‘Waking the Giant’, the programme is implemented by youths from religious institutions  from  Mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar in line with meeting goals number 3, 4,5, 10, 13 and 16 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs).

ACT- Alliance Tanzania Forum Rev Modest Pesha said yesterday that the programme also aims to ensure effective engagement of youth on national development through the available multiple platforms.

“The programme is part of implementing the SDGs number 4, 4,5,10, 13 and 16 that target good health and wellbeing, quality education, gender equality, reduced inequalities, climate actions as well as creating peace, justice and strong institutions,” he said.

It’s a capacity building programme for young environmental ambassadors from various parts of the country who will be able to share the knowledge to their peers upon returning to their respective places.

The initiative has been highly welcomed by the government with the Dar es Salaam City Council expressing its readiness to work closely with the organisation to ensure the targets are realised.

The city’s Head of Tourism and Environment Department Theresia Denis said the government has put in place a number of strategies, whose implementation needs effective engagement of members of the public, youth in particular.

“In controlling climate change, we have set an annual target of planting at least 1.5 million trees and implementing the strategy of managing domestic and industrial wastes,” she said.

Adding; “But, due to shortage of land, we managed to plant only 165,000 trees in public institutions such as schools, health and health facilities”.

Also, the City Council has set a condition that requires all people who are asking for building permits to ensure they plant five trees in their plots.

For their part, Secretary of Youth Department in the Tanzania Muslim Council Bakwata Sheikh Othman Zuberi and one of the participants Hidaya Dude expressed their optimism that the programme will play a vital role not only in controlling the climate change, but also enabling younger generation to engage in productive activities.

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