Elevating Tanzanian Professionals: Footprint of Impact Business Breakfast in Redefining Leadership, Achieving High Performance in Digital Era

The Impact Business Breakfast (IBB) is an elevated intellectual platform designed to inspire, influence, and unite like-minded professionals. By sharing experiential journeys that shape and enhance global standards, IBB empowers distinct professional groups of top-level management, middle management, and young professionals.

The upcoming 9th edition of IBB, scheduled to take place at the Hyatt Regency on May 3rd, 2023, will explore the theme of “Achieving high-performance Workplace with young professionals,” specifically targeting the shift in the generational workforce.

This edition seeks to equip millennials and Gen Z with the necessary skills to excel in their positions while customizing leadership styles to align with their unique values and characteristics.

Our selection of speakers at IBB is a meticulous process, with a focus on experts who possess an abundance of knowledge and demonstrate an unwavering commitment to give back to their communities. Our research and market analysis allows us to identify gaps in various industries and design themes that shine a light on these gaps. The upcoming theme for session nine was sourced from feedback obtained from past sessions, indicating an urgent need for leadership training in the digital age.

To this end, IBB has chosen distinguished professionals; Amb: Mwanaidi Sinare-Majaar and Prof Musa Assad share their perspectives and intellectual capital. Additionally, a panel discussion has been carefully curated with Brenda Msangi, representing Generation X, to share her wealth of experience managing intergenerational teams at her workplace, Mozah Sichonge, representing the millennial generation whose work involves managing all four generations, and Mr. Zahoro Muhaji to represent millennials from an employer’s perspective.

Our ultimate goal at IBB is to guide and inspire Tanzanian professionals to broaden their horizons and achieve international standards, fostering a culture of professionalism across industries.

The platform is tailored to those who recognize the importance of continued learning and implementing new knowledge in their fields.

Our engaging sessions enable professionals to align their goals with global standards, ultimately cultivating a new wave of leadership across Tanzania


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