Dr Kazi stresses employee engagement at workplaces

ACTING Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Dr Maduhu Kazi, has underscored the importance of engaging employees in decision-making through their workers’ councils, especially in preparing and approving budgets.

Dr Kazi made the statement during the opening of the 13th Tanzania Immigration workers’ council meeting, which was held at the Moshi based Tanzania Regional Immigration Training Academy (TRITA) in Kilimanjaro region.

In a speech read on his behalf by Mr Aloyce Musika from the foreign probation unit of the immigration force, Dr Kazi said involving workers is very important in the implementation of the daily duties.

“For example, the issue of budget of any institution must engage all parties of the relevant institution because this is not a secret issue; after the budget has been endorsed by relevant authority it is implemented by all related parties in a institution, therefore it is better to involve all parties while making the budget,” he argued.

“Participation in the preparation of budgets should start from the lower level, if you have embraced a participatory approach in making the budget everyone will be satisfied and there will be no complaints during its implementation,” he added.

Mr Kazi further asked the members of the workers’ council to ensure that it discusses and comes up with plans that are feasible.

“Workers’ council is a tool which provides an opportunity to employees, workers union and the management to discuss together the interests of all three parties and ultimately come out with resolutions that will benefit all these parties,” he said.

Earlier, the Commissioner General of Immigration (CGI) Dr Anna Makakala, who by her position automatically becomes chairperson of the workers’ council, said the council would be an important link between the employees and the management of the immigration force.

“Many challenges have been discussed and resolved through these council’s meetings; It has also been the vision of the leadership of the immigration force to ensure that the employees get their respective rights, something that will contribute to the employees being more dedicated when carrying out their duties,” she said.

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