Dodoma City Council okays partnership with Japan’s Nagai city

THE Dodoma City Council has unanimously approved a petition to establish a partnership with Nagai City of Japan for the interest of the people in both sides.

Presenting a statement at a regular meeting of the Council of Councillors recently, the Chairman of the meeting, who is also the Mayor of Dodoma City, Prof Davis Mwamfupe said that a few days ago his office was visited by the Tanzanian Ambassador to Japan, Ambassador Baraka Luvanda and submitted a letter from them (Nagai City) requesting the cooperation.

“The purpose of tabling this report is to seek the approval of the Council of Councillors to begin negotiations on the partnership agreement. In addition, the city has already shown its readiness to provide ambulances and fire and rescue vehicles to Dodoma City,” expressed Prof Mwamfupe.

Following the briefing, the Dodoma City Council consistently agreed to begin the initial stages of negotiations for the partnership between the two cities.

The city of Nagai is located in Yamagata State with an area of 214.67 square kilometers, the main economic activities being agriculture and light industries for electronics and pharmaceutical industries.

In another development, City Director Joseph Mafuru noted that the exercise for registration of Residential Addresses in Dodoma City Council has reached 86.85 per cent.

Mafuru said despite the move, the council continues to deploy a team for advocacy in the remaining wards, including Mbabala Ward to facilitate the exercise.

Mafuru’s statement came after a question from Mbabala County Councillor, Ms Paskazia Mayala, who wanted to know when his ward will start receiving residential addresses so that citizens can take advantage of the opportunity to get house numbers.

Director Mafuru clarified that residential address awareness was given at all levels in Dodoma City Council.

“We sent coordinators for training in Morogoro. When they returned, they educated executives and local chairpersons in order to have a common understanding,” said Mafuru.

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