Death toll hits 87, govt dishes out 1m/- for each deceased person

DODOMA: THE death toll from flash floods and mudflows that hit Hanang District, Manyara Region last Sunday, has risen to 87 with only 30 injured persons out of the 139 people remaining in various health facilities within the region.

Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa disclosed this during the handing over of a 2bn/- dummy cheque issued by the Treasury Registrar, Mr Nehemiah Mchechu to President Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan in Dodoma on Sunday, as a donation from public entities which is part of government efforts to mobilise and aid the victims of the mudslide.

Mr Majaliwa noted that all the casualties were progressing well, not requiring any referrals for further treatment.

Outlining the casualties in their numbers and facilities of admission, the PM said 19 people were under observation at Manyara Regional Referral Hospital, Tumaini District Hospital (08) and Gendabi Health Centre (03).

According to him, the huge investment made by the government in the health sector particularly health centres, district hospitals and regional referral hospitals countrywide has helped the injured persons obtain critical medical services in the regional facilities.

“All critical tests, surgeries and other services can be availed within the facilities,” said Mr Majaliwa, extending recognition to Dr Samia for the significant achievement.

Elaborating on the construction of residential homes for the victims of the mudslide, the PM observed that the government was coordinating the erection of 322 houses for 107 affected households.

He pointed out that the figures were arrived at through satellite and the National Population and Housing Census of 2022, which has managed to identify all houses that have been affected by the mudflows.

The PM noted that the National Population and Housing Census of 2022 has been vital in identifying owners of houses that have been destroyed, the number of people who have gone missing and available properties in a homestead.

“I extend appreciation to all institutions and individuals who have donated and those who continue to donate…tough action will be taken to all those people who will engage in the misappropriation of the funds for their gains,” he noted.

Meanwhile, a development report released yesterday by the Chief Government Spokesperson Mobhare Matinyi indicates that the bodies of all 87 deceased persons following the Hanang mudslide have been identified and handed to relatives for burial arrangements.

He pointed out that the government was footing funeral arrangements as well as dishing out a 1m/- handshake for each deceased person.

Victims Shelters

Mr Matinyi said three shelters accommodating 517 victims had been established, whereas as of yesterday, 215 victims have been linked with their families.

Also, a total of 212 households have expressed readiness to be connected with their families after securing basic needs.

“All the 517 victims sheltered had obtained psychosocial support from 43 social welfare officers along with 721 others living in the camps.

On the other hand, victims leaving the camps obtain food which can suffice them for 30 days as per nutritional guidelines including maize flour, rice, beans, cooking oil, sugar, salt, drinking water, cooker and porridge flour for children.

Similarly, each household gets a mattress, blanket, duvet, cooking pots, underwear, pads, diapers, toothpaste and brush, bar soaps, plates, cups, basins and buckets.

Government efforts

Mr Matinyi pointed out that the government is ensuring that all the people acquire clean and safe water, noting that 2,143 households acquired public health awareness. A total of 32,154 water treatment tablets were handed over.

Under the supervision of the Chief Medical Officer Professor Tumaini Nagu, the number of psychiatrists deployed in the area has been increased to two medical doctors and three specialists.

Mr Matinyi said identification of destroyed farms was ongoing to allow distribution of seeds and fertilisers. He said 17,000 Kilogrammes of sunflower seeds, maize and wheat have already been distributed.

Also, through the Water Ministry all three camps have access to water along with all hospitals and residential homes.

He pointed out that ten (10) wells have been drilled in affected villages including Gendabi, Harghushay, Gidamambura, Dajameda, Galagala, Gasaboy, Gidagamowd, Nyabat, Sebasi and Barjomot.

Equally, a large water pump has been installed at a water project serving Katesh to increase water supply to some affected areas.

“Twenty water fetching points are being constructed as well as conducting an assessment of four affected sources of water at Dumanang, Sebasi, Barjomot and Himiti,” he stated.


Besides cash donations, there are food supplies; maize (47,627kg); beans (8,692kg); maize flour (37,745kg); wheat flour (13,800kg); rice (39,330kg); cooking oil (12,290 litre) and sugar (12,954 kg).

Others include mattresses 1,920; tents 5; sleeping bags 600; bed sheets 2,559 and duvets 170.

In the list of equipment includes 10 litre buckets (1,485); 20 litre buckets (331); 10 litre gallons (240); 20 litre gallons (141); basins 720; male and female cloths, utensils, pads, rescue tools like torches, hoes, rain boots, wheelbarrows and gloves.

The same applies to 5,200 iron sheets to support the reconstruction of the victim’s houses.

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