Children with disabilities supported with supporting gadgets

THE Desk & Chair Foundation has donated various supporting gadgets to help children with disabilities move from one place to another.

The support will help reduce the inconvenience to their parents who are forced to carry or accompany them.

Children with open back problems, big heads and visually impaired children who were struggling to walk leading their parents and guardians to carry them were given tricycles and motorcycles yesterday in Mwanza city.

The chairman of the Desk & Chair Foundation, Mr Sibstain Meghjee, asked the parents to take care of the donated equipment so that they can last longer and help the children with disabilities go to school.

He said society has to create an environment which helps people in need because if such challenges are not resolved timely, they would affect their lives for the long term and thus destroy their dreams.

A resident of Igunga District in Tabora Region, Ms Esther Shija, whose seven-year-old son has a crippled leg, said that she has been struggling to take her son to school, hence she was grateful that his son was given the help.

She said the bicycle will enable her son to go to school, thus reducing the cost of sending him to school or carrying him to his school.

A resident of Meatu District in Simiyu Region, Ms Catherine Jila, whose son suffered from an open back bone problem, said that her son was struggling to walk because his legs have sores.

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