Women, youths key in agriculture transformation

DAR ES SALAAM: MINISTERS for Agriculture from the African Continent who took part at the Africa Food Systems Forum 2023 have resorted to put youths and women at the centre of the food systems transformation agenda by creating decent and fulfilling jobs for the groups who emerge as the labour force.

Agriculture Minister Mr Hussein Bashe, delivering the ministers’ commitment at the closing of AGRF summit yesterday pledged to strengthen collaboration, cooperation and partnerships across all state actors and nonstate actors.

However, he called for a reform of the global financial architecture to deliver the means of implementation required for the sustainable food systems transformation agenda. Besides, the minister committed to ensure they accelerate food systems and climate action through a whole government and society approach.

“As we act, we recognise food systems are not only victims of climate change, but also contributors to the challenge, and major opportunities of solutions for a green economy of the future. “We recognise that we must act to deliver better for nature and climate, but we can only do this by recognising the central importance of food security and livelihoods for the growing African population,” noted the Minister.

He said the ministers commit to complement each other across ministries within the country — agriculture, livestock, fisheries, environment, trade, industry, energy, health, finance and beyond and work in a coordinated manner.

Thus, he indicated that they will complement each other through comparative advantage in food production in each country and increasing regional and continental food trade to deliver on a shared vision of ensuring food security regionally and continentally, thereby making it an African moment.

“In line with the call from Heads of State and Governments at this week’s Africa Climate Summit, we share the recognition that we must seize this moment to bring forward a new era of green growth to deliver for people, planet and prosperity and make this an Africa moment,” he said.

They equally resorted to tackling poverty and hunger, which are core parts of the battle against climate change and other environmental issues. He said hunger and poverty are the biggest enemies of nature. Meanwhile, the Minister for Livestock and Fisheries Mr Abdallah Ulega made a call to action for leveraging financial resources, technological innovations, tailor made training and support, to foster a new generation of Agripreneurs.

Mr Ulega indicated that breaking down gender barriers will lead to a more inclusive and equitable food system. “As we know climate change poses a significant challenge to food systems worldwide, it is essential to integrate climate-smart practices into agricultural sectors.

“We should consider leveraging climate adaptation strategies to enhance resilience, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainability,” he said.

For Africa to be able to feed itself and the world, Mr Ulega noted promotion of investment in value additions of agricultural products in order to prevent post-harvest losses, manage food loss and waste and promote food security in the region.

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