TZ, Oman set strategies for stronger ties in ICT 

TANZANIA and Oman have put in place strategies for enhancing cooperation in Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) sector.

The two parts intend to effectively use this area to inform the public on various social issues including promoting culture and exchanging knowledge on technological issues.

Minister for Information, Communication and Information Technology Nape Nnauye revealed this, while in Oman on Wednesday, when he met his Omani counterpart Dr Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al-Harassi.

Minister Nape said due to long-lived historical relations between Tanzania and Oman, the two countries should inform their citizens on blood relations existing between them.

To maintain the relationship, the two ministers agreed that Oman will promote Tanzania in other countries to attract business, investment and tourism through its media.

In the course, Mr Nape visited a special newsroom for print media, radio and television production with the aim of learning how they run them in the country.

In a related development,  the minister met and held talks with the Minister of Transport, Communications and Information Technology of Oman, Engineer Saeed Bin Hamoud bin Saeed Al Maawali, who promised to continue cooperating with Tanzania in the Transport and Communication sector, especially in cyber security.

In his itinerary, he also visited the Asyad Express company warehouses, which are used to store products for distribution and sale to citizens through online business in Oman.

The two Omani ministers have promised to continue cooperating with the government of Tanzania in improving the ICT and Transport for the benefit of both countries.

Earlier on 31 May 2022, Tanzania Postal Corporation (TPC) and the Oman Postal Corporation (OPC) signed a historic business agreement that will strengthen and facilitate digital business in both countries, particularly online business.

Speaking during the signing ceremony in Dar es Salaam, the Minister said the move would strengthen the provision of the services in line with the development of technologies, including e-shop, something that will increase the revenue in both countries.

“Our ally (Oman) has already acquired services from huge e-shops like Amazon, Alibaba and the like. This partnership will make the extension of those services to our country, so the dream of the government to create a digital Tanzania with easily accessible services is about to come true” Mr Nape said

During the event, the minister urged TPC to continue improving its services to ensure that they are provided in line with market demand.

On his part, The Chief Executive of Oman Postal Corporation (OPC), Mr Nasser Al Sharji said that due to the digital improvements that are being made by both countries, they expect all institutions to be in line with technological changes in the world and meet the demand of the consumers.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman in Tanzania, Mr Salim Saif Al Harbi pledged to continue cooperation with the government of Tanzania.

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