TZ calls for strong measures to combat illegal diamond trade

TANZANIA has called for an increased accountability, transparency and implementable measures to combat illegal diamond trade in the world.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Minerals, Mr Kheri Mahimbali, who is the outgoing African Diamond Producers Association (ADPA) Chairman has also urged the association to continue bolstering relationships with international partners as well as improving the lives of miners and their families.

Mr Mahimbali made the remarks recently during the handing over of chairpersonship of the ADPA Committee of Experts to Zimbabwe, after his two-year term in office came to an end. The event was part of activities at the 8th ordinary meeting of the ADPA council of ministers held in Zimbabwe.

He said African Diamond Producers face numerous challenges, including fluctuating diamond prices, competition from synthetic diamonds, the continued threat of illegal mining and smuggling.

He further noted that through a lot of efforts and cooperation by all member states, the reform process led successfully to the amendments of the Statute, the Internal Regulation of the Executive Secretariat of ADPA.

“Several management policies, such as human resources recruitment, selection and remuneration policies were also produced to increase efficiency and transparency in the management of the association” he said

On his side, President of Zimbabwe, Dr Emmerson Mnangagwa said as the incoming ADPA Chair, Zimbabwe will ensure the mandate of the ADPA is fulfilled and take the African diamond sector forward.

He noted that Zimbabwe will also be chairing the Kimberley Process in 2023 which is another opportunity for an African state to have an impact on the diamond industry, adding that with the support of member states, the ADPA and Kimbelrey Process Chairmanship will be a success.

President Dr Mnangagwa also thanked Tanzania for the work that they have done as the ADPA Chair in 2021 and 2022 as well as ADPA Participants who have continued with work in spite of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We can achieve the goal of the Africa Mining Vision towards a transparent, equitable and optimal exploitation of mineral resources for sustainable growth and socio-economic development through such initiatives as the ADPA” he added

On his side, the Zimbabwe Minister of Mines and Mining Development and ADPA Vice-Chairman Mr Winston Chitando said the ADPA should play a key role in ensuring that African states are not left behind as demands for sustainably sourced minerals continue to take centre stage.

“It is our hope that the ADPA plays a role in the implementation of the key requirements for responsibly sourcing rough diamonds in supply chain on Supporting Principles for Responsible Diamond Sourcing as Best Practices… This will ensure that African diamonds meet the demands of consumers of today for sustainably sourced diamonds” he said

He said that the Zimbabwean Diamond Sector is one of the fastest growing globally and they are targeting 7 million Carats by the end of 2023, adding that the country has exploration activities ongoing with indications of positive results which will further play a role in the future growth of the sector.

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