Transportation undisturbed by fuel prices in Kagera

TRANSPORTATION in most parts in Kagera Region remained normal inspite of the recent fuel increase announced by the government.

A survey conducted by this paper at several petrol stations in Bukoba Municipality revealed that petrol (unleaded) was being sold at 3,428/- per litre, diesel was being sold at 3,475/- per litre while kerosene was being sold at 3,154/- per litre.

Mr Hassan Rajab (36) an agent for Frester Bus Company Ltd that plies between Bukoba-Kahama-Dar es Salaam explained that the business was continuing as usual while the number of passengers had not dropped.

“Our buses normally fill diesel and petrol at Kahama main station. Thus, we have not experienced any changes in the number of passengers using our buses,” he said.

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