Sauti za Busara: Global artistry ever

ALL set for the 20th Edition of Sauti za Busara festival, reveals the festival director, Yusuf Mahmoud, as he promises a colourful event of three nights of African music under the African skies at the Old Fort in Zanzibar tomorrow.

He noted plenty of activities on the iconic venue would stage about thirty artists from Tanzania and abroad, insisting music fans grab their tickets for thousands of tickets already sold out to visitors from almost every corner of the globe.

“Twenty years can be such a long time, but for us, at Sauti za Busara and our partners, we have stuck with the core values that gave birth to this festival in 2023 and, in the process, preserving our unique identity,” said Mahmoud, the festival director.

The festival director confirmed a line-up of artists from every part of the vast African Continent, from the Maghreb North to the far south, with most artists performing for the first time in Zanzibar.

“Artiste selection has always been one of our major strengths over the years, artists whose music is truly African.

This being our 20th, we have made efforts to bring different musical tastes that represent the diversity of Africa. Sauti za Busara has always been about this,” he said.

Among the artists who will rock at the Sauti za Busara festival from Tanzania is Patricia Hillary, who spoke with ‘Daily News’ and conveyed her delights to have the opportunity to perform at a mesmerising event.

“I am thrilled to have the honour of having such an opportunity to perform on Sauti za Busara.

“I began my singing career in the 1980s in Tanga. I have been in the taarab industry for a while and enjoy doing it. I am humbled to see my fellow Tanzanians and other parts of the world love my works and receive me with honour.”

Moreover, the festival director added: Most of the musicians that come to these festivals are not those you hear of mostly but have always brought the house down, leaving those in attendance in awe.

“When people come to Sauti za Busara, they leave with memories from the performances and the island, which last for many years and some have gone on to forge working relationships that continue to other aspects of their lives,” he said.

“We have had several partners who have kept the festival alive even when we contemplated to close our doors due to lack of funding; these include embassies, Hotels, Banks, Real estate developers, Banks, Telecom companies and the government.”

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