Project to empower vulnerable women to market goods online

OVER 60 vulnerable women entrepreneurs from different wards in the city are set to benefit from a project aimed at empowering them to find markets for their products through online platforms.

The 12-month project dubbed ‘She goes Digital’, is run by a

Non-governmental Orgasation called Ladies Joint Forum (LJF).

Speaking with journalists in Dar es Salaam over the weekend, organisation’s Monitoring and Evaluation Officer Miriam Dominick said the project aimed at addressing unemployment challenges facing women as well as increasing chances of getting opportunities digitally.

She said the main objective of the project is to increase accessibility to socio-economic opportunities for vulnerable women and girls.

“The main targets are women who dropped out of schools and live in hardship,” Ms Dominick said.

She said through the project they look forward to improving the representation of women and girls in digital economic opportunities.

The Executive Director of the LJF, Ms Francisca Mboya, said for the past three years since the establishment of the organisation, they have achieved to carry out various projects including empowering women to make soap and detergent, sanitary towels and others.

The Dar es Salaam City Council Community Development Officer Mwanaisha Ally, said the government would continue to cooperate with all organisations that implement programmes for bringing development to the country.

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