Police arrest woman for stealing child

GEITA: Police in Geita Region have arrested one person, identified as Ms Swaumu Mahondola (32), a resident of Kibumba Village, Makurugusi Ward in Chato District for allegedly stealing a child.

Acting Regional Police Commander, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Amon Mimata, spoke of the incident recently when making media briefing.

ACP Amon said the accused person is alleged to have committed the crime in Ludete Ward at an administrative small town of Katoro, on December 22nd, 2023 early in the morning.

According to police, the accused person found her way into the house of the mother when she went to take a shower, after which she snatched a 33 day- old baby boy.

The mother of the baby, identified as Ms Martha Phelemon, said she was taking shower when the accused person found her way into her house.

“After the incident was reported to the Katoro police station, a crackdown for the missing baby was launched after which we managed to identify the suspect,” the RPC said.

He added: “We got the contacts of the suspect which helped us to identify her location, then police officers arrived at the area and found the suspect with the child at her home.”

ACP Amon said the suspect is still in police custody for further interrogation and when the investigations are completed the suspect will be taken to court to answer the charges.

“The child underwent medical examination at the Katoro health centre under the supervision of the Police Force in collaboration with Social Welfare Officers before later being handed over back to his parents,” the RPC said.

“The Police Force calls on the citizens to stop engaging in evil acts, and to report crimes to the police so that measures can be taken.”

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