Neviindie makes juggling careers look easy

IN today’s dynamic world, the traditional concept of relying solely on a single salary has evolved significantly.

People, regardless of gender, are seeking multiple sources of income to meet their growing needs and the rising costs of commodities and services. This shift towards multifaceted careers is not limited to any specific gender; both men and women are actively pursuing diverse professional paths.

Tanzania, as a progressive nation, is dedicated to promoting gender equality and empowering women in various domains. Efforts are underway to increase women’s representation in political leadership, sports, and other spheres, ensuring their rights are defended.

Neviindie Nganga, a mother and entrepreneur, is an inspiring example of a woman excelling in multiple roles. Her chosen profession revolves around fine arts, a field she finds highly rewarding.

Neviindie, although holding a degree in Fine Arts and Design, is currently pursuing her Master’s studies at the University of Dar-es-Salaam.

She teaches art to students, imparting her knowledge of drawing, illustrations and utilising different artistic instruments to convey messages effectively.

Engaging in diverse activities is no easy task, especially while raising a six-year-old child. Neviindie acknowledges the challenges but remains determined to increase her income and capitalise on her skills.

With a carefully planned schedule, Neviindie dedicates two days a week to teaching fine arts to her students. Additionally, she manages two small companies: “ONEKANA,” specialising in hand-decorated T-shirts, and “KITU MAZAGA,” which supplies juices and snacks to various locations.

Neviindie receives orders from local customers and renowned figures within the town. However, she acknowledges that running a business is not without its ups and downs, as profits and losses can unexpectedly fluctuate.

Neviindie’s workplace is located in Kimara Korogwe, while she manages the T-shirt production from a small office in her home. Juggling her responsibilities as a mother, woman and student is a delicate balance, but the flexibility offered by her diverse activities allows her to plan her work effectively, allocate time for rest and attend to her studies.

One of the challenges Neviindie faces is that her busiest days coincide with the weekends when her small companies receive a higher volume of orders.

Despite this, she remains dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction, personally delivering the products across the city. She firmly believes in the wisdom shared by the author Ron Rush in his book “Something Rich and Strange,” stating, “A small profit is better than a big loss.” Neviindie’s continuous efforts in her businesses contribute to her daughter’s education and fulfill their family’s needs.

Neviindie encourages women to focus on earning a legitimate income and avoid being overly selective in their job choices. She sees President Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan as a role model, supporting women’s empowerment and fostering conducive business environments for them.

Neviindie expresses gratitude for her good health and acknowledges her family’s significant support, particularly in providing the initial capital for her businesses.

Recognising the importance of breaks, Neviindie emphasises the need for relaxation and rejuvenation. She often takes a nap to refresh her mind after a demanding week. Spending quality time with her daughter and family brings joy, whether it’s watching movies, visiting the zoo in Dar es Salaam, or indulging in her love for swimming while basking in the warm sunlight.

In conclusion, Neviindie exemplifies the changing landscape of women’s roles in society, where they are embracing multifaceted careers to redefine success.

She advises women to choose supportive partners in building their relationships.

With determination, flexibility and a diverse skill set, women can forge their paths to success, inspired by the accomplishments of trailblazers and empowered by their own capabilities.

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