Mwinyi touts problem solving research 

ZANZIBAR President Dr Hussein Mwinyi has urged university graduates to focus on research that addresses problems facing communities in the country.

Equally, he directed higher education institutions to introduce more academic programmes that respond to people’s current needs, including keeping pace with changes occurring in science and technology.

Dr Mwinyi made the call during the 22th graduation of Abdulrahman Al- Sumait University held yesterday at Chukwani in West B District in Unguja.

He said graduates should use their research to solve numerous challenges facing the society instead of keeping their findings in shelves.

The President advised ministries and government departments to collaborate with higher education institutions to conduct research which will spur development in social, economic and Information and Communication Technology to bring effective changes.

“I would like to advise ministries and government departments to collaborate with universities in doing research which will stimulate development in various fields,” Dr Mwinyi said.

In a related development, Dr Mwinyi urged the graduates who will get an opportunity of being employed or self employed to work ethically and bring change, urging  them to be innovative and utilise available opportunities to upgrade their skills.

For continuing students, he said they should be well disciplined and honour all the good things from their colleagues graduating for them to perform better.

Dr Mwinyi, however, commended SUMAIT University for contributing to the development of higher education in Zanzibar since its establishment in 1998.

He said that in the past 23 years, the university has done a great job of preparing and producing a big number of professionals in the fields of education, Islamic studies, Languages, ICT, computer science and counseling.

Dr Mwinyi praised the college for producing the first graduates with a master’s degree in Islamic Law, “I also commend you for enrolling young people from outside Zanzibar, including other East African countries.”

He noted that, universities serve as a bridge that strengthens good relations among citizens of East African countries through the education sector as many graduates from abroad have received their education in Tanzania.

University Patron Dr Abeid Amani Karume, former Isles President commended the staff for the great work in training students that enabled the government to have various professionals in the country.

Earlier, Minister for Education and Vocational Training, Ms Lela Muhammed Mussa, said that the university is one of the colleges owned by the private sector and is helping the ministry to solve the challenge of shortage of higher learning institutions in the Isles.

He said the presence of the university is a great help in supporting the efforts by the government to improve the education sector.

A total of 310 students graduated in various disciplines and were conferred with certificates, diploma, first degrees, and master degrees.

Meanwhile, Dr Mwinyi has said that Zanzibar economy has continued to grow due to the prevailing peace, unity and solidarity.

He made the statement on Friday when he greeted and spoke to citizens and worshipers of the Masjid Nuru Muhammad Mosque in the Unguja Urban District, where he joined them during the Friday prayers.

He said in the past short period the Isles economy passed through various challenges contributed by Covid 19 and Russia- Ukraine war but to date the situation continues to stabilise.

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