Minister: TIRDO studies should benefit the nation

The Deputy Minister for Industry and Trade, Mr Exaud Kigahe has instructed the Tanzania Industrial Research Development Organization (TIRDO) to ensure that their studies reach and benefit the nation.

“TIRDO as researchers, I instruct you until next year’s exhibition to come with the full number of regions, districts and stakeholders who have been reached by this technology,” Mr Kigahe issued the order over the weekend when he visited the ongoing ‘Nanenane’ exhibition.

Kigahe instructed the TIRDO following the innovation of an avocado oil processing machine.

“The avocado crop is cultivated in many regions of the Southern Highlands and until now these fruits are used for food consumption only as fruits, but sometimes lacked market and plunging farmers to losses,” said Mr Kigahe.

He commended TRIDO for designing a non-electric fruit processing machine that is friendly in all environments.

Explaining the operation of the machine, TIRDO expert and researcher, Paul Kimath said that the machine can be used in any environment without electricity.

He said the market for avocado oil is currently large and therefore he invites large and small investors to invest in processing.

“This machine can process up to 120 kilogrammes of dried apricots per day, where according to our study three to four kilos of dried apricots can produce one litre of oil and thus the machine can produce 30-40 litres per day,” said Kimath.

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