Maser Group’s Q4 four net profit up by 29 percent in 2021

Maser Group’s Q4 four net profit up by 29 percent in 2021

In 2021, Maser continued to attain success and took several important steps in its efforts to serve millions of customers globally who continued to demand consumer electronics manufactured by the company.

For the full year, Maser group net profit went up by 29 percent, an achievement that is dedicated to the good work of the company’s competent staff and its business partners in the supply chain.

According to a statement of profit/loss and other Comprehensive Income for the year ended March 31, 2022, the company recorded a gross profit from (Sales and cost of sales) of USD5.516 million in 2022 up from USD 3.154 million in 2021.

During the year 2021 that ended March 31, 2022 the operating expenses including depreciation and Administration and selling extra finance cost resulted in a net profit of more than USD 5.2 million in 2022 up from USD2.8 million in 2021.

The success is also attributed to sales of more than USD 352 million in the year ending March 2022 compared to the sales worth USD 210 million in the year ending March 2021 a 70 % Jump.
This new brand continues to gain momentum because it enjoys unparalleled trust and confidence of its customers and is of the largest selling brands in the Africa region.
With a mission to connect and Build Global business and bring digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected intelligent world, Maser’s goal has already been resulting in a huge success in terms of acceptance and sales across the supply chain.
Within a short span, Maser has achieved significant sale milestones making it the only Indian brand with the highest number of products sold in the Africa region.
After taking a leap of faith Few Years Back, Maser has expanded its scope to many Gulf Countries and Entire Africa Region as it aims to create products to support Digital transformation to a Technology-driven-industry.

The brand strives to enable all consumers to have access to affordable consumer electronics with equal emphasis on innovation and Quality. It relentlessly focuses on quality with honest prices to let everyone in the globe enjoy a better life through innovation and technology.

This has been a major secret to the company’s success under Mr. Suri Prateek, a respected young Indian business leader in the tech world having founded and steered Maser, a Dubai-base d electronic manufacturing company to become one of the leading multi-million-dollar companies.

Mr. Prateek has made his fortune through identifying the need to meet the supply of high-quality TVs and other electronic products and yet make them affordable brands to the masses in economically disadvantaged countries.

The company’s Principal areas of business involves consumer products Manufacturing that includes; Consumer Electronics, Audio Equipment, Video Equipment, Appliances and Telecommunications Equipment among others.

For Maser, being under the age of ten since its establishment is not a barrier, this is because it is not the first time the company has shown maturity through its high quality products.
In 2020, the brand reached a volume of more than 600,000 unit sales which was more than double, making it the first brand to sell the highest number of units in Africa as per various mainstream media houses across countries.
The company has been recognized as the most admired technology and first highest wearable brand in Africa, according to the latest survey by Crexcel Market Research Company with East Africa Herald in 20 African countries including Nigeria, Tanzania, South Africa, and Kenya.
Although international Brands like Samsung, Sony, and LG continue to dominate the market and lead with Premium Segments, the Survey said that Maser has made its space in Africa for Low-Cost Segments Beating Most of the Chinese Players like Hisense and TCL.
According to the survey, the Market share for the top five brands (Low-Cost Segment), Maser has 74 percent, Hisense (10 percent), TCL (8 percent), Xiaomi (6 percent), and Haier (2 percent).
In terms of geographical breakdown based on turnover, in 2021 the tech driven company attained 50 percent turnover in Africa, Asia (25 percent) Europe (15 percent) and South America (10 percent).

The consumer electronic hub is always updated with Dawn of the New Era in revolution, guided by the Founder’s Philosophy and skills. Today Maser Produces wide range of electronics like Led Television, Audio system, Air conditioner and Home Theaters…

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