Mafia DC and Oryx promote clean energy use

COAST REGION: Oryx Gas Tanzania Ltd (OGTL) has partnered with Mafia District Commissioner Zefania Sumaye to donate gas cylinders and stoves to various groups in the district, including teachers, health staff, police officers and women entrepreneurs.

During the donation ceremony, the company emphasised the importance of environmental protection by advocating for the use of clean energy for cooking and discouraging the use of firewood and charcoal.

Mr Shaban Fundi, the head of marketing at OGTL, stated that the collaboration with the District Commissioner aims to support the government’s environmental protection efforts in Mafia Island.

He also highlighted the health benefits of clean cooking energy, particularly for women and children.

“Our company, through our main agent Tash Oil, guarantees the availability of clean cooking energy to the citizens. Our goal is to provide a permanent solution to the shortage of such products on the island,” explained Mr Fundi.

The company also plans to extend its clean energy solutions to institutions such as prisons and schools, encouraging them to transition from firewood and charcoal to clean energy for cooking.

Mafia DC Sumaye expressed gratitude to Oryx Gas Tanzania for their support in protecting the environment and empowering citizens.

He urged residents to stop using firewood and instead embrace clean energy for cooking, while also requesting the company to extend their services to small industries that rely heavily on firewood, such as those involved in drying sardines in the district.

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