Let’s enhance environmental protection measures

Tanzania, like many other countries across the world, has experienced severe droughts this year, which poses a huge threat to agriculture, energy and economic security.
Many parts of the country have been experiencing the worst drought in years. Some regions which for a long time enjoyed surplus food production and high yields, have seen crops worryingly drying up and harvests dwindling.

Pastoralists and dairy farmers are fighting for survival.
They are struggling to feed their animals, and in some parts the pastoralists are increasingly losing their livestock.
While dry seasons have been recurrent in the country and across the East African region, the situation is apparently worsening.

The unprecedented droughts witnessed across the globe is to a great extent the result of climate change, a growing global concern caused by unchecked anti-environmental activities.

Air and water pollution, global warming, smog, acid rain, deforestation, and wildfires are just a few of the environmental issues that we are facing right now.

It is critical that we protect the environment so as to reduce the destruction of eco-systems.

It is everyone’s responsibility to take care of the environment to make this planet a wonderful place to live. As humans, it is our moral obligation to preserve nature and its features.

We must stop deforestation and at the same time carry out robust tree planting campaigns in order to ensure that our planet remains a beautiful place to live in. If we cut down one tree, we have to plant at least two trees.
Similarly, Tanzanians must give attention to forest conservation.

Our country is blessed with plenty of natural forests, which are vital for our environment. It is also imperative that the government and its agencies take stern measures to restrict individuals whose activities are causing harm to the environment so as to mitigate these effects of climate change for the wellbeing of current and future

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