Korean nationals in TZ console Turkiye, give donation

THE Association of Korean Community in Tanzania on Thursday sent their condolences to Türkiye people following a recent earthquake that hit their country and Syria killing over 40,000 people.

The group presented their condolences and relief donation through Türkiye Ambassador to Tanzania, Dr Mehmet Gulluoglu, in Dar es Salaam.

Korean Ambassador to Tanzania, Mr Sunpyo Kim, said the Korean community in Tanzania felt sorry over the disaster in Turkiye, the country which has a long friendship with Korea.

So far, there are over 500 Korean nationals living in Tanzania.

On his part, Türkiye Ambassador to Tanzania pointed out that the earthquake has seriously affected 11 cities in which over 4000 killed.

“Following the tragedy, we need more humanitarian assistance since thousands of people are still homeless and they need shelters,” Ambassador Gulluoglu stated as he expressed gratitude to Korean people for donating 5,275 US dollars (about 12.3m/-).

Ambassador Gulluoglu further explained that Turkiye and Korea have strong relations, adding: “today they have shown real brotherhood, we feel solidarity.”

“We also feel the same for Tanzanian people, they are with us as President Samia Suluhu Hassan posted her condolences via twitter,” he said.

Commenting, Mr Taegyun Kim, president of Korean Community in Tanzania, said: “the people of Turkiye are our brothers. We were very shocked to hear the bad news of earthquake.”

“With technology people around the world have become global citizens. We should support each other regardless of our religious differences or colours.”

Another earthquake of a 6.3 magnitude rattled Türkiye on Monday night, this week, according to the US Geological Survey, even as the country is still cleaning up from one of the worst natural disasters in its history.

The quake was centered near the southern city of Samandag, located in Hatay province, which suffered catastrophic damage in the quake that struck on Feb. 6.

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