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  • Govt sets aside 250.6bn/- for stadiums, sports centres

DODOMA: THE Ministry of Culture, Arts, and Sports has tabled 250.6bn/- for stadiums construction, renovation and improvement of sports infrastructure across the country as Tanzania prepares to host CHAN this year and 2027 AFCON.

The Minister for Culture, Arts and Sports, Damas Ndumbaro, said this in Dodoma yesterday when presenting his ministry’s budget.

He stated that 125.29bn/- is set aside for the development of the Arusha Sports Complex, while 55.5bn/- is planned for the Dodoma Sports Complex and 26.5bn/- for Dar es Salaam Sports Complex.

This initiative is part of government’s effort to develop sports infrastructure across the country, ensuring that facilities match international standards and offer athletes with the greatest possible environment for training and competition.

Earlier this week, Deputy Minister for Culture, Arts and Sports, Hamis Mwinjuma, expressed confidence in reaching the construction deadlines and promised that the government is doing all necessary efforts to prepare the stadiums for the CAF inspection, which is slated for the end of 2025.

In addition to the major sports complexes, 11.5bn/- is designated for construction and enhancement of sports infrastructure in various sports schools.

This move aims to nurture young talent and provide them with the necessary resources to excel in their respective sports disciplines.

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Furthermore, 10.02bn/- is set aside for the construction of the Malya Sports Academy in Mwanza Region, a key institution expected to play a pivotal role in developing future sports stars in Tanzania.

This academy will serve as a centre of excellence, offering top-notch training and development programmes for young athletes.

The Sports Development Fund has been allocated 8bn/-, underscoring the government’s commitment to sustaining and promoting sports activities across the nation.

Additionally, the minister said 1.5bn/- is allocated for the construction of the Malya Sports Development College.

The college is to provide specialised education and training in sports management and development, equipping individuals with the skills needed to contribute effectively to the sports industry.

To further support athletes and sports enthusiasts, the budget schedule shows 12bn/- is allocated for the construction of exercise and relaxation centres in Dar es Salaam and Dodoma.

These centres will offer state-of-the-art facilities for physical fitness and recreation, promoting a healthy lifestyle among the population.

Also the ministry allocated 150m/- for the construction of a Sports and Arts Arena which is expected to be a multifunctional facility, hosting various sports and cultural events, thereby enriching the community’s cultural and sporting life.

The government’s commitment to enhancing sports infrastructure aims to meet international standards, providing a solid foundation for hosting major tournaments and promoting the development of sports nationwide.

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