Household names to grace Sauti za Busara

ZANZIBAR: TWENTY seven musical groups from more than seven countries are set to colour the 21st edition of Sauti za Busara at Stone Town in  Unguja from February 9th  to 11th next year.

A long list of talented artists will contribute to the vibrant music festival, including headliners Omorinmade Kuti (Made Kuti), Selmor Mtukudzi and Palesa Modiga (Zoe Modiga).

Made Kuti is a Nigerian Afrobeat singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He is the son of the legendary Femi Kuti, and the great sage and father of Afrobeat, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. His debut album forward was released in 2021.

His unique love of music and speciality in playing a variety of instruments both modern and traditional will surely awaken the hearts of music lovers who expect to crowd the beautiful Spice Island.

On stage, he is accompanied by a group of dancers and his band members: a vocalist, lead guitarist, rhythm guitarist, bass guitarist and drummer who all dress to express African heritage, culture and style inspired by batik or wax.

Selmor Mtukudzi is a Zimbabwean musician and actress. She is the daughter of the late Zimbabwean music icon Oliver Mtukudzi. Selmor is well known for her ability to connect with the audience. As part of her vocal ability, she can also dance.

At the lively festival, she will certainly bring back memories of her legendary father.

Zoe Modiga is a South African singer and songwriter. Modiga first gained recognition as a contestant on The Voice South Africa 2016.

According to the Festival Director, Journey Ramadhani, throughout the festival, they expect to see artistes from within Tanzania and abroad build a network with each of the artists sharing their well-experienced journey.

“About 400 artists from different parts of Africa applied to feature at the 21st edition of Sauti za Busara line-up but only 27 musical groups succeeded to get the chance to perform. We shall set up three stages at Stone Town,” he revealed.

“Twenty musical groups will colour the first and second days of the festival, whereas each event day will have ten groups. On the third day, seven groups will conclude the festival. The aim is to bring the most unique, diverse music and culture,” he added.

The Sauti za Busara director said besides the performances, the festival offers opportunities for other stakeholders to sell food and merchandise vending, dance, crafts, performances and social gatherings.

“With the event, residents can boost the economy by bringing in visitors from outside the area, increasing revenue for hotels and restaurants and increasing tourism on the island,” he noted.

He added that as preparations get underway, tickets for the festival are available. He revealed that tickets are now being sold at a price cut.

For now, tickets are available at a price cut. The tickets are now sold for 20,000/- for all three days. The offer is valid until October 31st. From November 1st to January 31st next year the price will be 25,000/- collectively for all three days. Later the price will be 30,000/- for all three days, he said.

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