Govt to embark on improving primary and district courts

THE government has planned to start improving infrastructure of primary and district courts from June this year, in order to improve dispensation of justice.

Minister for Constitution and Legal Affairs Dr Damas Ndumabro revealed that on Friday during the official visit of the Parliamentary   Standing Committee for Administration, Constitution and Law at the Integrated Justice Centre in Ilemela Municipal.

He   said the government had already improved regional and high courts, and in the next few days the primary and district courts will be reached as well.

“We are aware that a large percentage of primary and district courts are not in good condition.

Many areas including Ukerewe District in Mwanza do not even have such facility, it is using the building of the District Commissioner,” he said.

Dr Ndumbaro said the improvement would be undertaken up to the district level.

The Committee Vice-Chairman Mr Florent Kyombo, asked the community and the staff of the Mwanza Integrated Justice Centre to take care of the centre and ensure it is in a good condition.

He said the centre had cost a lot of money until its completion.

On his side Chonga Member of Parliament Mr  Salum Shafii congratulated President Samia Suluhu Hassan for being able to approve the funds for the project.

”The integrated centre is very good and complete and also its infrastructure is very good.  Our request is that this centre should be well maintained so that it can stay for a very long time” said Mr Shafii.

Nyang’hwale Member of Parliament Mr Hussein Aman asked their committee to help them in completing construction of the court in Nyangh’wale District.

In another development Mwanza Regional Commissioner Mr Adam Malima said the leadership of the Mwanza region has been very close to the law enforcement organs and the Judiciary.

He said dispensation of justice has been made possible through collaboration with the court staff as well as the office of the attorney general of the regional government, the office of the national prosecutor, the office of the chief executor and the Arbitration Office.

He said the Mwanza Region was still having the problem of overcrowding in prisons. Mr Malima said there are two prison construction projects that would help reduce overcrowding at Butimba prison.

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