‘Envisaged new education policy a reformatory approach’

EDUCATION, Science and Technology Minister Prof Adolf Mkenda has termed the envisaged new Education Policy as ‘reformatory approach’ aiming at bringing in modern teaching methods, embrace the power of technology and promoting learning based on practical skills to Tanzanian children.

Prof Mkenda made the statement recently in Dar es Salaam while speaking to the British Government’s Special Delegation about cooperation in developing education based on gender equality.

He noted that the government has already introduced free education to all children from primary to advanced level, which is a great success for the nation as it has increased the number of students who are registered to join primary and secondary education.

“Quality of education is a priority of the government, we are continuing with projects to improve education at all levels, creating strong infrastructure for Primary and Secondary schools,” Prof Mkenda said.

“A large group of young people are still dependent, we have seen that the longer they spend in school, the more they come out with the skills to reach their expectations,” said Prof Mkenda.

He has asked the Delegation to support the efforts of the government of by investing in various educational infrastructures so as to facilitate the implementation of productive educational reform for the nation.

On the other hand, the British government’s new Special Envoy on Girls’ Education, Ms Helen Grant, praised the government for implementing strategies to improve education.

She said it was an impressive move done by the Tanzanian government in ensuring that education is provided equally to both men and women.

“Empowering women and girls through education is a priority for the UK-Prime Minister, it is impressive that Tanzania is embracing gender balance in the education sector,” she said.

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