Crocodile attacks, kills fishing boy

A Standard Six pupil at Ugala Primary School in Nsimbo Council, Katavi Region, Msopola Issa (14), died on Sunday after being attacked by a crocodile while fishing in Ugala River on Sunday afternoon.

Katavi Regional Police Commander Ally Makame confirmed the incident, saying it occurred at around 2:00pm on Sunday at Ugala village when the boy was fishing in Ugala River.

Narrating the sad story, Ugala Village chairman, Shaban Juma, said on the material day, while the boy was fishing in Ugala River, suddenly the crocodile attacked him and hauled him into waters.

“The crocodile held a leg of boy who was screaming for help. Armed with traditional weapons, some men who heard the cry   rushed to the scene of incident … but it was too late as the alligator had already dragged him into the water.

It was at that juncture, some brave men courageously dived into the water,   frightening crocodile that eventually released Msopola who was already dead,” said Juma.

He urged the citizens who are living in the villages closer to the river to be more cautious as the Ugala River is infested with crocodiles, calling on them to take baths at their households instead of swimming in the river.

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