BRELA trains traders on trademarks protection

BUSINESS personnel and industries owners in the country have been urged to broaden their understanding on protection of their trade and service marks to ensure reliable market and build the country’s economy.

Business Registration and Licensing Agency (BRELA) Acting Director (Intellectual Property), Mr Seka Kisera made the remarks at a one day workshop on the ‘Relevance of Industrial Property (IP) for Sustainable Development and Growing of Business in Tanzania’, held in Dar es Salaam on Thursday.

The workshop was attended by members from Confederation of Tanzania Industries (CTI), Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture, Tanzania Private Sector Foundation  ( TPSF) and Kariakoo Business Personnel Union   from Dar es Salaam Region.

He said business and industrial sector have a great contribution to the country’s economy, thus producing quality goods and protecting trademarks are crucial.

“As industrial and entrepreneurship sector is growing the acts of producing fake products and thefts of other people’s trademarks are increasing on daily bases. It is important for you to be aware of these facts so as to be on the safe side”, he said.

Speaking in an interview with Daily News Mr Kisera said that BRELA is planning to reach out to all small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in country with the education.

“This is a large group of individuals who are contributing to our country’s economy into large extent, so it is very important for them to get this education in order to increase efficiency,“ he said.

He added that BRELA will also meet with big entrepreneurs in the country for the same purpose.

Mr Kisera added that the organisation will also organise competitions for innovation awards for entrepreneurs, college, secondary and primary students.

“All these aim at building our nation with individuals who are able to come up with different ideas and use them to invent products which will be useful in different ways,” he explained.

One of the participants of the workshop, Mr Martin Mbwana – the Chairman of Kariakoo Business Personnel Union, said that the workshop was of great importance to him and promised to use the knowledge to bring positive changes.

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