Biteko calls for unity, love among Tanzanians

GEITA, Bukombe : DEPUTY Prime Minister Dr Dotto Biteko has called for forging unity and love among Tanzanians.

Dr Biteko, who is also Energy Minister, emphasized on the government’s commitment to improving social services and infrastructures.

He made the statement during a meeting with religious leaders of different faiths and elders in Bukombe District.

The gathering served as a platform for exchanging views and ideas as part of the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Dr Biteko urged people from all walks of life to foster love and forgiveness.

He assured that the government remains committed to providing excellent services, ensuring children attend quality schools, enabling citizens to have access to quality roads, healthcare services as well as access to electricity and clean water.

He thanked the Bukombe residents for their significant support to the government in implementation of development projects and collaboration, urging them to condemn immoral practices in communities.

“I, along with my colleagues in the government, extend heartfelt gratitude to the elders and religious leaders of Bukombe for the substantial collaboration you provide. Today, I’ve had the opportunity to express gratitude to God alongside you and exchange ideas.

“No leader can achieve anything without working together with others. You have witnessed and understood more than I have. Your knowledge is vast, and being constantly present within the community, you are well aware of the areas that need improvement to make Bukombe even better,” said Dr Biteko.

To foster a better society, Dr Biteko urged religious leaders and elders to condemn immoral actions without hesitation whenever they witness them.

He said given the fact that religious leaders and elders are respected in communities they should continue raising their voices to denounce evil.

The meeting took place on Sunday at Ushirombo in Bukombe District, Geita Region, and was attended by various CCM and government leaders.

While outlining the implementation of various development projects in Bukombe district, including schools, health centres, hospitals, electrification, and roads, Dr Biteko emphasized that any remaining challenges in the district will be addressed to ensure continuous improvement and make Bukombe even better.

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