Azerbaijan President says respect for women is one of highest national moral qualities

President of  Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev has said that the respect for women in his country and the holding of women in high esteem have been one of the highest moral qualities of the Azerbaijani people.

He said this whilst addressing the participants of the International Conference on “Decolonization: Women’s Empowerment and Development” taking place this week in Baku.

“Azerbaijani women have contributed to resolving fateful issues in all periods of our history, to the freedom struggle of our people, and to the liberation of our lands from occupation by the Republic of Armenia,”he said in a speech delivered on his behalf by Hikmet Hajiyev, the national security advisor.

He noted that it is gratifying that more than 40 representatives from 18 countries representing different continents are gathered in Baku again to condemn the policy of colonialism, which unfortunately continues in the 21st century, and convey facts about the situation of women in the territories under colonial rule to the international community, and carry out systematic and consistent work towards the elimination of colonialism.

“As chair of the Non-Aligned Movement, the Republic of Azerbaijan has always attached great importance to issues relevant to humanity and carried out effective work towards eliminating the injustices faced by peoples worldwide.”he noted

In this regard, he added, “our time demands to bring the issues of women and colonialism together and amplify the role of women in the decolonization process. Regrettably, in the 21st century, women are still being subjected to slavery and exploitation in colonies, meaning that they are deprived of fundamental human rights.”

Azerbaijan is very concerned about the continuation of colonialism, especially the flagrant violation of the rights of women and children in colonies.

He expressed concern that some countries like France, which currently controls 13 overseas territories as its colonies and interferes in the internal affairs of its former colonies located on different continents worldwide, continues its neocolonialism policy despite the many years of demands from international organizations and peoples fighting for independence.

He added, “Your participation at the Ministerial Meeting held in Baku as part of Azerbaijan’s chairmanship of the Non-Aligned Movement on July 6 and October 20, 2023, at the headquarters of the UN General Assembly in New York on September 22, and at this event in Baku dedicated to colonialism, its consequences and neocolonialism, which are of particular relevance to humanity, are evidence of Azerbaijan’s support for this issue as chair of the Non-Aligned Movement.”

He said bringing the issue of fighting neocolonialism to the international community’s attention through all possible platforms is crucial. In this regard, the activities of the 4th Committee of the UN General Assembly and the fight within international organizations should be stepped up. The role of women should be further enhanced, and their struggle on the path of decolonization should be strongly supported.

He said the conference was a favorable opportunity for discussing the challenges and opportunities on the global agenda in relation to colonialism, its ramifications, and the fight against neocolonialism.

“ I believe that the discussions that will be held within the framework of the conference will contribute to the mobilization of joint efforts in the struggle against colonialism, to the promotion of new ideas and initiatives for the well-being of mankind, and to leaving a “world free from colonialism” for future generations.”he added


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