Arusha to raise funds for Taifa Cup 2024

ARUSHA:THE men and women’s Arusha regional basketball teams have appealed to the sports community to support in raising 17m/- needed to pay for the teams’ expenditures at the upcoming Taifa Cup 2024 event in Dodoma.

The Taifa Cup will start on Wednesday and climax on June 29, 2024.

The Arusha Regional Basketball Association will host a fundraising event at Kiltex grounds on the outskirts of the city in order to raise the necessary funds.

The Arusha teams are reportedly planning to send a delegation of 30 people, including the coaches and 24 athletes.

There will be 12 play￾ers on each of the two teams.

The budget for the men and women’s basketball teams in Dodoma City is 17m/- , according to Chairperson Jacob Gibons of the Arusha Regional Basketball Association (ARBA).

The chairperson further highlighted that they have also taken the matter to the Regional Commissioner’s office to seek assistance.

The coach of the Regional Basketball team, Barick Kilimba, stated that a spe￾cial committee is in charge of making final arrangements for the athletic expedition to Dodoma.

The basketball coach stated: “We have been receiving support from basketball veterans who have played the game in the past, some of whom are in the diaspora.”

Further, Coach Kilimba claimed that all of Tanzania’s top basketball players are from Arusha and that this year’s teams would do even better in Dodoma.

The coach made note that Arusha is already home to foreign basketball players and that women envoys from the region are now competing in Rwanda.

Kilimba declared, “We are coming back with victory, this is official,” adding that Arusha is also sending its top players to the Dodoma National tournament to represent the area.

Aziza Mussa, a player for the women’s basketball team, stated that in addition to being sure of winning, they also promise to generate the greatest players for the upcoming Taifa Cup competition.

She stated, “This year will be no exception for our teams, who have always performed well in previous national basketball competitions.

This time, they have strengthened their defence fortress.”

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