ZNZ e-payment system for improvement, says Minister

THE newly established Zanmalipo system is not fully equipped, hece, hampering efficiency in revenue collections particularly in rural areas, the House of Representatives was informed here on Thursday.

Deputy Minister, Minister of State- President’s Office (Finance and Planning) Mr Ameir Suleiman said that the government is digitizing payments in all its public offices to improve revenue collection and minimise cheatings.

“But many offices still lack required infrastructures. Purchase is ongoing so that the e-payment is fully realised,” the deputy minister said in response to a question asked by some backbenchers in the House on the effectiveness of ZanMalipo.

He said that the Government through the e-Government Agency has evaluation survey about the equipment needed and cost so that it can be purchased.

“The Government is purchasing the required equipment gradually. The equipment needed in public institutions in Unguja include 116 Desktops, 119 laptops, 101 printers, 131Epson Printers TM-T20III  and 196 POS,” he pointed out.

In Pemba, he listed them as 40 Desktops, 34 laptops, 41 printers, 37 Epson Printers TM-T20III, adding that the government institutions are currently being financed to purchase basic needs, however, insisted on using the existing equipment to control revenue collections.

ZanMalipo is a centralized government system for generating payment control numbers for all government services, and normally connected to Ministries-Departments-Agencies (MDA) and Local Government Authorities (municipalities, district councils and town councils) as well as Payment Service Provider (MNO’s and Banks) for the purpose of facilitating payment transactions.

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