ZEC targets 160,000 new voters in 2025 general election

ZANZIBAR: THE Zanzibar Electoral Commission (ZEC) has announced commencement of a mobile voter registration exercise on December 2nd this year, to register new voters in preparation for the 2025 presidential and legislative elections.

The ZEC Chairman, Judge George Kazi said during a meeting with election stakeholders at the Sheikh Idriss Abdul Wakil Hall, Kikwajuni, that 162,606 voters are expected to be registered within the period of the exercise scheduled to end on 15th January next year.

He said the exercise is expected to start in Micheweni District in Pemba by December this year before shifting to Unguja on December 23, 2023, in Unguja North District ‘A’ and will end in Unguja Urban District.

“To qualify for registration, you must meet the requirement by submitting the compulsory Zanzibar resident ID card. This will be the first phase, and the second will be at the beginning of 2025,” said Mr Kazi, adding that each area will have three days for the registration.

The ZEC chairperson called on citizens, particularly young people who have attained the age of 18 and above, to turn-up for the registration to be supervised by officers at district level.

He reminded voters that as the mass registration goes on, services regarding the permanent register, on verifications, change of address and death announcement continue in all district offices every day and during working hours.

He emphasised “The announced registration will only concern new voters who have never been registered in the permanent register of voters. Do not cheat or double register because it is against the law.”

Mr Kazi used the meeting as an opportunity to ask political parties to cooperate with ZEC officers during the exercise and election time by promoting peace, unity and stability in the country.

The ZEC Director, Mr Thabit Idarous Faina, said in executing the voter registration exercise, the instructions, laws and guidelines of the commission are the tools that will be used to achieve the task.

He said that Micheweni District expects to register 10,907 people, Wete 12,705, Unguja Northern A 7,880 voters, Unguja Northern ‘B’ 13,169 while South Pemba-Chake Chake District 11,682 voters, South Unguja District 11,964, Unguja Central district 10,438 voters, Unguja South District 4,792, Unguja West ‘A’ District 28,677, Unguja West ‘B’ District 31,120 voters and Urban District 19,272 new voters.

Among the stakeholders who participated in the meeting were officers from the security and defence agencies, district, civil organisations and political parties.

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