Women rights activists donate sanitary pads to female students 

Women rights’ activists have donated various items to female students at the Matemwe School located at Kijini coastal village in Unguja North Region as part of the events to celebrate the International Women’s Day.

The donated items include sanitary pads, underwear, detergents, including providing them with menstrual education.

Principal Secretary (PS), Ministry of Labor, Economy and Investment Ms Maryam Juma Abdallah handed over the sanitary items to the students, saying they need to manage their hygiene so that they can effectively take part in studies.

A total of 145 female students received the sanitary items donated by the Barefoot College- Zanzibar and Dnata Company.

“Women make good leaders and caretakers of the family, so they have to be supported while in school to have healthy living, which is important in achieving development goals,” she said.

She added: “The International Women’s Day also reminds members of the community to support girls to overcome challenges they face.”

The PS expressed her satisfaction with the donation of sanitary pads, including providing health education to  school girls , saying  it will enable female students reduce stress during menstruation.

Ms Abdallah commended Dnata Company and the Barefoot College for providing education on women’s health, including safe menstruation, and also how to avoid child/underage pregnancies and sexually transmitted Infectious diseases (STIs).

She advised students in the rural school to make good use of the sanitary items so that they concentrate in education, a key to their life.

“You must not engage in sexual affairs while still in schools because you risk contracting STIs and early pregnancies,” she urged.

The Barefoot College- Zanzibar, Project Director Ms Brenda Geoffrey Ndossi said the aim of distributing the sanitary items is to help female students to attend their classes without interference due to menstruation.

Earlier, the coordinator of maternal and child health in West B District, Ms Safia Khamis Juma stressed on the need for  women to eat healthy foods, including  vegetables and fruits to improve their health as they lose iron every month.

Speaking on behalf of the students of the rural school, Ms Bahati Faki Omar, thanked the donors, expressing gratitude for being provided with sanitary pads because most students use a pieces of cloths during the periods, causing them to miss classes.

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