Women push for strict measures against GBV perpetrators

WOMEN in Mtwara Region have called for strict measures against those committing violence against women and children in the region.

Speaking ahead of the celebration to mark the International Women’s Day 2023 at Mtwara District Council, Chairperson of Women’s Council in Mtwara DC Ms Mwajuma Naembe said most people committing crime against women and children are not always punished as required.

“We call upon the government to come up with a long-term commitment that will ensure all those committing crimes and other forms of violences are severely punished,” she pointed out.

Gracing the event, Mtwara District Commissioner Mr Hanafi Msabaha said the government is committed to take further steps to eliminate all forms of violence against women and children in the country.

“The government is very keen to do more towards ending all forms of violence against women and children and the rest of the people,” he said.

However, Mr Msabaha urged the women in Mtwara not to remain silent about crimes and other forms of abuse against women and children.

Coordinator for Police Gender and Children’s Desk in Mtwara Region Ms Adelina Ndyamukana said there have been alarming cases of increase of violence against women and children in Mtwara Region.

According to police reports, Ms Ndyamukana said some 356 out of 568 reported cases of violences, involved women subjected to various forms of violence.

She said the majority of women victims were subjected to rape and sexual harassment and physical violences. Other crimes were economic violence, technology facilitated violence and abuses.

She also said some 212 girls under 17 years were also subjected to violence in 2023.

She expressed the need for women to be in the forefront by talking openly and reporting to police all the acts violence subjected to women and children in the region.

“Most survivors of violence especially women have a tendency of staying silent not reporting the abuse against them a matter that hinders efforts to end such forms of violence,” she said.

Ms Ndyamukana said many cases on violence against women and children go unreported as most of the victims stay silent drawing up rooms for more and more violence.

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